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Bilgiusta Writing System
Bilgiusta; has been published for 4 years, and nearly all of the original content that was created with the input of a resource site. Gives weight to a personal web log that share a lot of information from the original article on our site under various categories you can access hundreds.
Wanting to share his writings with a wide audience and a platform for the people who are in search of quality, experience and knowledge in a unique manner through the pages I bilgiusta they present themselves. Bilgiustam.com at least 5,000 unique visitors daily, offering the author the opportunity to reach a wide audience of Turkish internet is one of the mechanisms of effective channels.

“Bilgiusta writing system” thanks to the system under the name of we have received for publication, written and published a brief entitled to be taken in the evaluation process, in the case of the person's control panel are reflected in the amount of gain. In terms of comfortable use and a detailed structure of this system, which is calculated in a flexible manner thanks to the full value of the article, The author is reflected in the account of the person. If you wish to retrieve information about the assessment portion, you can examine the functioning of the system. In addition, earnings for the conditions of the conditions of Use, You can check our page.
For detailed description of the whole system: Bilgiustam.doc we recommend you to download the file.
Firstly, we should note that a fixed price is not on the posts. But Getting Started with the assessment that we've set base prices according to the length of the article are available. Accordingly, the short articles: 0,80£, the middle writings: 1,40 TL , long articles: 2,40 TL. This low coefficient is “1” The minimum value that applies to.
To put it simply; the scoring as a result of the overall value of the post once it is created, your article is completely original and contains useful information; the editor by changing the coefficients of the baseline coefficient is normally 1 special person to gain the amount of raises. Directly by participating in this multiplication coefficient, for example, a “5” to a value of the type of earnings five-fold.
Little statistical information: so far, writing system, written under the post on 400 for only 10% coefficient of much of Part 1 was used. And 2 the coefficients on all of the articles they have to gain by remaining. So far, the beginning of the summer that we gave the highest price, TL has been 12.86.

Basic system need to highlight a few points:
As mentioned above the writing,, short, medium, long are considered as three main parts, but in practice this is only intended as a reference to begin evaluating. The length of the post editor, not by the number of words or lines with a different technique depends on the person the subject of the review. We shouldn't a description of this technique, but the authors of their own sentences with simple and smooth style you are looking to achieve the highest gain in the Qur'an, quoting most of the people written from right to left will allow you to gain a minimum of editing by the way, and often will face the risk of being taken in the publication of his writings. Here, our main goal is to give full value to the posts, which is why we are being very flexible in assessing. After all, one-page simple and beautiful that makes the original post, the front page only gives information that according to a study, you can save much more. So to recap, the most important criterion in the essay how useful is that really the system we use.
If you want to work with us to create content on behalf of the Turkish with us, you will be pleased to see.

Note: from other sites, copy + paste and add if there are those who desire to gain in the form of the subject, please do not get tired in vain. Both you and us not to waste our time. Wanting to share their own knowledge with our people, and we need people who are sincere in this business. Best regards...


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