Open pit, Aerosol, Aquifer, Alluvial, Aldehydes, what is it?

Open business: in the mining sector, where mines have been removed by digging up the top layer of soil near the surface of the open field is the operator.

Atmosphere hung in the dust of the earth in such a way that the aerosol or dust is the name given to a meteor.

Disaster: Society, social, economic and cultural aspects greatly affecting in a negative way that cause the loss of life and property by natural or human-induced events that occur is a complete disaster.

The aquifer in areas of limestone rock are reservoirs of water. The aquifer in the area of water can accumulate and move within.

Algae: algae is the name given to the most clear expression. Inhabit water areas. Alglar single-celled organisms. Feed on photosynthesis.

Abrasion by rocks transported by means of rivers, alluvial, soil, clay, rock fragments, and the accumulation of substances such as productive soils. Accumulated speed is reduced in shallow areas consists of alluvial soils that stream. Alluvial soil for agriculture is very efficient. Büyük Menderes, seyhan and Ceyhan rivers, and the small Menderes and gediz rivers in the Red River Delta can be shown as an example in these areas.

Aldehydes: Alcohols obtained by reduction of a volatile liquid that is being oksitlendirme way or the acids. The aldehyde of Formula R-CHO form. 
has a smell like ammonia.
Some Of The Aldehydes;

Acetaldehyde (Ethanol)

Anthropogenic carbon: carbon that are left swinging as a result of human activities to nature. Industrial welded carbon emitted is characterized also in this group.

By mixing with moisture in the atmosphere acid rain the burning of fossil fuels as a result of acid rain or snow to descend to the earth.
Especially nitrogen, sulphur gases such as water vapor, through reaction with sulfuric and nitric acids consists of the result of the meetings. Rain or snow reaches the earth with events such as these acids.

Asar: from agricultural products that are produced by the villagers during the Ottoman period, a 10% tax.

Waste: substances that are lost or have not completed economic life.

Waste water: Buildings, industrial enterprises, power plants, agriculture, and animal husbandry practices occur as a result of reasons such as
waters that contain chemical ingredients which are harmful to human health.

Parsers: the decay of dead animals and plants into the soil of mineral nutrients in which substances such as organisms that help to run. Some of these organisms are fungi and bacteria. 

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